About T.O.W.I.H

T.O.W.I.H (The Only Way Is Honiahaka, a play of words based on the TV show “The Only Way Is Essex”) is an bi annual camping weekend event run by the H.W.C.C, taking place in Romford, Essex.

The gate opens Friday and the event often runs until mid day Monday.

The Friday is dedicated to set up and socalising, Saturday to pack walks, dog related events, Pimms tent and in the evening a BBQ. Sunday is the showday with classes for wolfalike type dogs, Northern Inuits and the founding breeds. We also have a members class where dogs, regardless of breed, owned by members can attend. We also host  open classes, such as “pretty girl”, “handsome boy” which are open to all breeds.
This is subject to change from year to year.

The T.O.W.I.H shows attracts members from all over the world. We’ve had attendees from the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and even the US throughout the years of running.

Members of H.W.C.C get discount on the camping fee and the show classes and many say this is THE EVENT of the year.

Gallery of images from the T.O.W.I.H shows