About HWCC

The primary purpose of this is to provide both educational and social events with a view to sharing and improving our knowledge and experience of living with wolf-like dogs. Examples of events could be workshops, training sessions, talks, group visits, in addition to regular pack-walks, camps, and shows.

These would be informative and enjoyable and also help raise the all-important funds with which to run the club as a non-profit organisation.

Please note, it is not necessary to own a wolfalike dog in order to join; a positive interest in and love for wolfalikes is the only pre-requisite for membership.

HWCC Committee

Cecilia Engdahl
Chair Person
Registrations Officer
Judy Van Gaalen
Vice Chair Person
International Liaison
Jane Puncher
Secretary & Press Liaison
Lou Lincoln
Membership Secretary
Tracey Fowler
Treasurer & Show Secretary
Founding Member of HWCC
Lindsey Hiscocks
Health Liaison
Graphic Design
Andy Fowler
Committee Member
Founding Member of HWCC
Marco Tamburrini
Committee Member
Maria Cox
Committee Member
Newsletter Editor
Megan Andrews
Committee Member